The Day Laborers
Location: Long Island, NY
Label: Deep Concepts Media

Eight Days a Week…

In the music industry, there are a handful of things the public has come to expect from their average rapper. The flashy look-at-me style statements about money hoes clothes and all things material are par for the course on the radio lately and most songs don’t go more than four bars without some name brand clothing or an exotic car commercial coming over the airwaves in a song. Fortunately for Hip-Hop music, where the fraud ballers have failed us, I.N.F. and Aspect, collectively known as The Day Laborers can save us.

Much like their name implies, the long Island natives don’t believe in shortcuts when it comes to their music or the work that comes with it. Relying on a high-level of lyrical skill to frame their extensive collection of content on their successful debut album The Learning Process and an energetic stage show built to move the masses and crafted from dozens of shows around NYC including legendary venues like CBGS and The Nuyorican, a reputation for excellence tends to precede them. And with a resume for ripping stages alongside underground stars like Homeboy Sandman and Iron Solomon, hit makers like The Beatnuts and Gnarls Barkley and even Hip-Hop legends like KRS-One and Rakim, while releasing their follow up The Blast Off EP their personal legend is growing by the day.

With the upcoming release of Deep Space Soul, the new EP produced entirely by up-and-coming beat smith Rain, the time has come for the rest of the music world to learn what the underground has known for years. When it comes to putting in work and getting the job done, fake flossing may be fun, but Day Laborers make the world go round.