The Team
Diamond Media 360, Coalmine Records, Takin' MInes Matt Diamond, Founder

Born and raised in Long Island, music has always been an integral part of my life as both a musician and avid vinyl collector.  The first instrument I ever picked up was the tenor saxophone.  Since then I’ve moved onto the electric bass guitar and finally a pair of Technic 1200s – that’s when things got interesting.  The first record I ever owned was Michael Jackson’s Thriller.  I’ve since bought and sold thousands of records.  After starting Coalmine Records in 2005, I decided to launch Diamond Media 360 in 2011 to offer a broader perspective on both music and media – why not?

Diamond Media 360, Takin' Mines Bryan Hahn, Online Marketing Coordinator/Blogger

Hip-Hop isn’t just music. It’s a culture, right? Tell that to the obnoxious, Top 40’s praising teenagers these days and get an earful of curses you didn’t learn till after college. College is still cool, right? Just a humble kid from the suburbs of New York, trying to keep it real by discovering artists still trying to preserve the art of rap while occasionally indulging in the brilliant ignorance of the streets. Bong bong.

Takin' Mines Nick Vukorepa, Blogger/Interviews

Born on the ice planet of Hoth, Nick became exposed to the world of Hip-Hop after hearing the G-funk inspired classic “Da Funk.” Through his mid teens, he moved to the suburbs of Edmonton, only to discover God (aka DJ Premier) and as a result, became a boom-bap fiend after hearing the sounds of the East coast. Now that he’s a little older and a little wiser, Nick aims to combine his loves of Hip-Hop and writing into a cohesive medium. When he’s not knee deep in Seinfeld and Entourage re-runs, he can be found reading one of his many leather-bound books.

Diamond Media 360, Coalmine Records, Takin' MInes Frank ‘DJ Concept’ DeMaria, Art Director

I was born and raised in Long Island with music & design running through my veins.  Besides being the Art Director for Diamond Media 360, I am the co-founder of The Bash Brothers DJ Crew.  I’ve been DJing for 15+ years & designing for almost as long.  As a true crate digger and vinyl fiend I’ve learned about so many different styles of music.  You might catch me listening to hip hop one minute, jazz the next & metal right after. Good music is good music. (Just make sure the artwork doesn’t suck…)