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  • Diamond Media 360 offers a variety of marketing services used to help create, communicate and deliver your content to your intended audience and potential customer. By engaging various online marketing strategies, public relations objectives and email campaigns, DM360 can help bring the maximum exposure to both your content and brand.

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    In recent years, online marketing has become an essential means to increasing an artist's visibility and relevance. Successful campaigns distribute an artist's content across many channels in the form of audio, music videos and vlogs (video logs) to key lifestyle sites and blogs, in addition to established social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as video sharing sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. Diamond Media 360 is at the forefront of executing these objectives by working tirelessly to both facilitate and promote your content. Throughout a campaign's duration, clients are serviced regularly with reports useful in evaluating the efficiency, penetration and reach of a particular campaign.

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    Successful companies and organizations have a stake in how they are portrayed in the public arena. DM360 can spearhead an appropriate public relations campaign designed to magnify the reach of your project. A typical campaign consists of the dispersion of your album, artist bio, One Sheet and press photos by way of postal mail or email to targeted zines and lifestyles, journalists, and tastemakers, as well as a range of internet and blog sites. Press Releases are strategically utilized to yield reviews, interviews and features.

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    Email marketing remains one of the most popular and valuable methods used to connect directly to your target demographic. A successful email blast campaign is one that easily drives an existing or potential fan base to the content you promote. Such content may come from text, vlogs and videos, to promotional downloads and merchandise. DM360 employs a spectrum of email blast strategies intended to target the appropriate recipient. Our email database is divided into several categories, selected based on the nature of the blast and the intended audience. Our campaigns are well written, organized and yield a high success rate of views and click-throughs.

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    Successful marketing strategies have evolved from a creative process into a highly data-driven process. By utilizing such analytics, DM360 can track the breakdown of your audience's age, location, gender, interests, social-media influence in addition to other demographic traits. By implementing information-gathering widgets in the dispersion of your promotional content, DM360 can also help build upon your fanbase by offering free downloads or even streams in exchange for Tweets, Likes, Shares or email addresses, the latter of which are provided to our clients at the campaign's close.

Current Projects
  • CF_ImmortalTechnique_DM360
    Constant Flow (feat. Immortal Technique & Melanie Fontana) – “Moment of Peace”

    While there’s no shame in showing off every so often by toasting to the good life, there’s an ugly truth that needs to be exposed. War, genocide, corruption; these are the things that are leaving a scar in our history books. Whereas some rappers may just gloss over these disasters, Constant Flow is here to tell the whole truth to the masses. On “Moment of Peace,” CF offers a sharp tongued reflection of the world examined through real people, not just mass media. As Melanie Fontana supplies a chilling hook that blends effortlessly with the fact-paced instrumental, Viper’s frontman, Immortal Technique, drops a potent series of double time bars that will leave new listeners and long time fans hitting the rewind button. “Moment of Peace” is the final leak taken from Ascension, set to drop next Tuesday (9/02), which is now available for pre-order via iTunes!

    STREAM: “Moment of Peace” – (Premiere)SoundCloudAudioMack

  • FightinWords_650
    Diabolic – “Diabolical Sound” (prod. by DJ Premier)

    While the 90′s may have been a pinnacle time for producers in terms of innovation, experienced heads can tell who’s in the game to make a quick buck and who’s crafting songs to help diversify the genre’s existence. If you fall under the latter — that is to say, you enjoy sharp lyrics and beats that’ll force you to spit your best 16, then Long Island’s very own Diabolic will be right for you with his DJ Premier produced single, “Diabolical Sound,” taken from his forthcoming LP, Fightin Words, which becomes available September 16, and is now available for pre-order, via iTunes.

    STREAM: “Diabolical Sound” – Wax Poetics (Premiere) • SoundCloud • AudioMack

  • Ascension_500
    Constant Flow (feat. Swave Sevah & Akir) – “Dog Tags”

    The rapper Constant Flow rolls with Immortal Technique and is currently readying his suitably incendiary Ascension album (out September 2nd via Viper Records). Ahead of the project’s release date, CF has dropped a new track titled “Dog Tags” which you can premiere here. While you’re streaming the rambunctious rap workout, which also features verses from Swave Sevah and Akir, read on to digest Constant Flow’s words explaining away the song’s concept, what it’s like working under Immortal Tech, and how he’d change parts of the prison system’s private sector (click here to continue reading). (-Phillip Mlynar, Village Voice)

    STREAM: “Dog Tags” – Village Voice (Premiere)SoundCloudAudioMack

  • Screenshot_DX
    Constant Flow – “Ascension” (Video)


    As an emcee who has gone through some tough battles, Constant Flow‘s goal is to make sure the people around him don’t have to go through the same violent struggles. When you’ve seen the bottom, your motivation to climb is that much more prevailing. “Ascension” is a brief history on CF’s upbringing, as the booth he raps in acts as a confessional for all that he’s endured. The Jersey City emcee comes correct with an onslaught of fiery bars, leaving no aspect of his world a secret. CF’s Viper debut is set to drop on September 2nd, and is now available for pre-order via iTunes!

    VIEW/PRE-ORDER/PRESS RELEASE: “Ascension” – YouTube •

  • TheyToldMe_500
    Westbay – “They Told Me” (Video)

    Whether it’s surrounding a history of crime, drug abuse, or rising to the peak of your dreams but never reaching that superstar status, “They Told Me” offers three interesting perspectives: Westbay, the rapper hard at work who is currently on the come up; Frank B, an emcee with infinite potential who never popped off and still at it; and Fitted, the streetwise BK spitter who has turned his life around and uses Hip-Hop as a platform to tell his story. The visuals keep things straight to the point as we get to see the trio of artists do their thing on the Bklyn streets that raised them. “They Told Me” is featured on Westbay’s Spread Love LP, which is now available via Dope Rush Records.

    VIEW: “They Told Me” – YouTubeSpread LoveiTunes • Fat Beats