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Digital Distribution:
Diamond Media 360 provides worldwide digital distribution through every major digital retailer, including iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Zune, and Rhapsody.  We also deliver your music to more market-specific digital retailers, such as Amalgam Digital and Wax Poetics, among others.  DM360 has been highly successful in yielding strong placement opportunities through various digital retailers- all of which help increase traffic & sales.  We specialize in setting up independent artists and labels with their own imprint under our DM360 umbrella.  Allow us to handle the challenging aspects and administration required for your release, from metadata processing, securing of release dates, and the delivery of your assets for retail distribution.
Creative Licensing:
Through our distribution in-roads, DM360 can facilitate creative licensing opportunities for your next release.  Sample-free material submitted by our clients for digital distribution are cataloged and shopped to both major studios and independent films, television shows, advertisements, video games, websites, compilation albums and new media.
Digital Outlets: