Location: Brooklyn, NY
Label: Supreme Records

Don’t Doubt The Clout…

Heavily entrenched in Hip-Hop culture, where he has been writing, recording, and performing since the age of ten, Divine delivers a sound reminiscent of Hip-Hop’s “Golden Era” (1986-1989). Drawing inspiration from the likes of Eric B. & Rakim, KRS-One and Kool G Rap, the Brooklyn, Fort Greene native epitomizes the vibe of this generation, both with his lyrics and his persona to boot, as well as those with whom he surrounds himself, counting among his associates Hip-Hop icon Rakim and Hip-Hop/Queensbridge legend Tragedy Khadafi. Although Divine may have an enviable Hip-Hop resume, including a 2010 nomination for the Underground Music Awards’ “Essence of Hip-Hop” award, he remains humble but he’s hungry for more. As a result, Divine has honed his trade as an emcee, bent on upholding the purity, originality and creativity of the culture he has held in such high esteem.

Divine’s road has been fraught with the fodder of many hard fought fables. From growing up in the projects without parental guidance and hustling drugs, to a lengthy federal prison sentence, to eventually aligning himself with Brooklyn’s renowned Fort Greene projects (Walt Whitman Residence), from which hailed the infamous street legends Kelvin Martin (the original “50 Cent”), and Killer Ben, among others, Divine became rather accustomed to street life at an early age. Divine’s disadvantaged situation quickly taught him that he had to fight for everything he believed in to survive, including himself. While incarcerated, Divine learned to harness his social and political awareness, which would later provide a central role in the themes found in his raps. As a precocious teenager, Divine would broaden his horizons traveling regularly throughout New York City and Philadelphia, observing and absorbing the distinct cultures of the two cities. 

Sonically, Divine’s music is tailor-made for the altruistic Hip-Hop aficionado and purists, blending beloved classic influences with sophisticated introspection woven from stories of street life. Divine’s thought provoking lyricism finds the urban poet fusing his knowledge of self, derived from his absorption into the Nation Of Gods & Earths (formerly the Five Percent Nation Of Islam), an association shared with Rakim, with social and political awareness and spirituality. The result is a potent concoction of raw urban storytelling that captivates, enlightens and informs. 

Despite the headiness of his lyrics, Divine strives to stay grounded with the people and remain the everyday man’s emcee, while remaining versatile enough to create mainstream music as well. A magnetic entertainer with his deft mic control, Divine moves crowds of all sizes and brings a strong live show to the table. Believe Divine when he says, “Don’t doubt the clout, the proof is in the science, man, and the science is in showing and proving.” Armed with a substantial amount of unreleased titles to his name, Divine has set his sights high as he gets ready to finally unleash his material to the masses.

Divine – “Empire State” (prod. by Ayatollah)