Location: Brooklyn, NY
Label: Dope Rush Records

From the East to the West…
Raised by the park of hard knocks, Brooklyn native Westbay attributes his upbringing to his third parent; the blue collar neighborhood of Marine Park. The park, the handball courts, and a familiar milk crate at more BBQ’s than he can remember, were sites of a series of firsts; first date, first beer, first fight. Feeling like he’s seen enough and done enough, Westbay is ready to share his stories and advice for his fans so they may follow suit, or at least learn from his mistakes.

Since joining cyphers at 13 with the older teenagers, and putting words to a beat in his friend’s bedroom, rapping has become more than a way to get girls and impress friends. Westbay has since moved on from his battle rapping days, but nevertheless, there’s no denying his presence on the mic. Nowadays, rhyming has become a vehicle for Westbay to balance the harm caused by the likes of Teen Mom and Worldstar fanatics. By channeling the memories he’s amassed from the park that sat across from his childhood home, Westbay’s here to prove that Hip-Hop’s alive and well in the other side of Brooklyn.

Press Quotes:

“Westbay demands that the fakery come to an end…” -Complex

“Newcomer Westbay goes for the jugular of everyone who stunts like they work hard but don’t match his work ethic…” -RESPECT.

“The kid can spit…” -VIBE

“Now with some experience in the game, West is ready to share his stories, both good and bad, for those who can’t get enough of that East Coast sound.” -Earmilk

“Westbay is in the building and he’s extending y’all an exclusive invitation to “come Fly With Him.” -DJBooth

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