Location: New Jersey
Label: Inner City Kids

Finding a Balance…

At the age of 22, ABGOHARD may as well have an honorary degree in Practical Relativity. The New Jersey native understands that everything comes down to perspectives-success, struggle, friendship and the female sex. And to put things in the right light, ABGOHARD recognizes the duality by finding his perfect balance. 

Reaching that equilibrium wasn’t always the obvious goal for the rapper. ABGOHARD picked up rapping at 14 during the phase of freestyling that every other middle school/high school kid goes through. While some used it to pick up girls or make snaps at others, AB saw it as a way to kill time. But encouragement from his friends pushed him to keep at the pastime to eventually rock the stage with NYC’s Inner City Kids. Fellow member Aaron Cohen noticed that AB “brings a lot of the energy and creativity to the group. He does what he wants as an artist; a lot of people are scared to trust their instincts but he’s a real artist.” It’s AB’s honesty with himself that motivates him everyday to wake up and create.

ABGOHARD’s style can be described best as he puts it, “fucking raw.” From psychedelic to club thumpers, AB manages to make his songs seem as if the instrumental was intended for no-one other than himself. Look out for ABGOHARD in 2014 and beyond as he continues to let his energy speak through his music.

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