Zilla Rocca
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Label: Three Dollar Pistol Music

Grit Your Teeth…

Ok people, gather ’round. Settle in, we’ve got a lot to cover. Everyone seated? Good. Let’s get started.

Here’s what we know: Zilla Rocca has pioneered a gravelly sub-genre of Hip-Hop which he’s termed ‘Noir-Hop.’ We know that he is both an emcee as well as a producer. We know that he’s influenced by the likes of Raymond Chandler, Tom Waits, David Lynch, Aesop Rock and Raekwon.

We also know that he’s shared the stage with Black Sheep, Nocando, The Knux, Mount Kimbie, K. Flay, One.Be.Lo, Shlohmo, Open Mike Eagle, Reef The Lost Cauze, Buff 1, and that’s not even the full list.

We know Zilla and his music has been featured in Complex, HipHop DX, 2dopeboyz, Nah Right, LA Weekly, Philly Weekly, Myspace Featured Music and that he has performed in just about every venue in Philadelphia, besides being sighted coast to coast from Los Angeles to New York to Miami. He’s no stranger to the highway, folks. This man has been slipping through our net since 2006.

Our new intel says he’s expanding his operation. Zilla Rocca and The Shadowboxers. That’s what he’s calling it. The Shadowboxers are a revolving collective. As far as we can tell, the collaborators are tailored to fit a certain aesthetic. They’re planning something. He’s pulled together a cast of players that include Blurry Drones (producer of The Slow Twilight), Has-Lo, Floodwatch, Roc Marciano, Curly Castro and Geechi Suede (of Camp Lo) to concoct a product altogether different from Zilla’s solo output. This stuff is forged in the violent South Philly crime scene. I’ve heard it being called No Vacation For Murder.

Some sort of narrative. “No matter what your personal choices are towards revenge or mercy, the city doesn’t care.”

I guess this guy thinks he’s Aristotle. The phrase “Grit your teeth and think of Philadelphia” keeps coming up too. Mean anything to you all? Anyway, that’s what we’ve got. Get out there and do your jobs. Find this Zilla Rocca. Bring me his head!


2008: Bring Me the Head of Zilla Rocca
2009: 33 Jones Presents: Bring Me the Remix of Zilla Rocca
2009: The Slow Twilight LP
2009: “High Noon” (Single)
2009: “Bottomfeeders” (Small Professor Remix)
2010: “No Resolution 2” (Single)
2010: Broken Clocks EP
2010: “Life’s Ill” (Cannibal Ox Homage)
2011: Bad Weather Classic EP
2011: “Full Spectrum” (feat. Has-Lo) Single
2011: “Black Cherry” (Single)
2011: Nights & Weekends EP
2012: “Full Spectrum 2” (feat. Has-Lo & Open Mike Eagle) Single
2012: Full Spectrum 2″ (feat. Has-Lo & Open Mike Eagle) [L’Orange Remix] Single
2012: “Devil’s Pie” (prod. by Small Professor) Single
2012: Full Spectrum EP
2012: Wrecking Crew Presents Wu-Tang Pulp
2012: “Michael Caine Glasses (Has-Lo Remix)” Single
2012: Party With Villains EP
2013: Weak Stomach EP
2013: “Young Blood” (feat. Roc Marciano) Single
2013: “Stormy Monday” (feat. The Kid Daytona & Has-Lo) Single