Stretch Money
Location: Detroit, MI
Label: Hot Lava Records

Stretch Money.. Against All Odds

Born in the heart of Detroit in 1984, Daran McCullough’s story is a testament to overcoming the odds.  As Daran’s childhood began to take shape, his father fell victim to drug addiction.  These events triggered a cataclysmic chain reaction resulting in a single parent upbringing that at times forced Daran to provide his family; a Herculean responsibility that sharpened his survival tactics.

Despite the aforementioned obstacles, Daran performed well in high school by maintaining a 3.0 GPA, graduating in 2002.  At the age of 19, while attending college, Daran realized that he was a natural-born leader.  However, his calling didn’t come to fruition until the following year, when he was overheard rapping by Crane Novacane, founder of Hot Lava Records.  Crane had no doubts that Daran possessed the talent to become a success and shortly thereafter, Stretch Money was born.

Both Crane and Stretch developed an allegiance that transcended far beyond money; their alliance sparked the vision of a legacy that would echo throughout Detroit.

Once their vision was realized and the bedrock was formed, Hot Lava assembled an ambitious team to both manage and promote Stretch.   Shortly thereafter, Stretch Money’s debut album, Take Money to Make Money was released on September 18, 2006.  The album was promoted with three videos, and overall, the project was very well received, featuring standouts such as the self titled “Take Money to Make Money” single as well as the Motown anthem, “Detroit City.”  The album triggered a nationwide college tour and opening for high profile artists such as Rick Ross and Young Jeezy.  Shortly after, Stretch received the coveted ‘Next To Blow’ feature in Hip Hop Weekly Magazine.

Fueled by his impending success, Stretch followed up his inaugural release with a nine track mixtape offering, titled The Punishment, which featured the well received collabo “Without a Doubt”, featuring Gillie Da Kid .  The album was promoted through both the streets via CD and digitally, through iTunes in August of 2009.

Through his relatable upbringing and sincere demeanor, Stretch excelled at creating a symbiosis with his fans that he would use to give back to the community.  Stretch has been an active participant in the Salvation Army’s annual Coats for Kids Drive and has spoken at Cease Fire Michigan rallies alongside many community leaders such as radio personality Reggie Reg Davis and Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy.

By 2011, Stretch started the year on the good foot with the January 5th release of his single “I’m Talkin’ Bout Fresh” , a catchy ‘ballin’ on a budget anthem,’ which features Hot Lava’s patriarch Crane Novacane. By the summer of 2011, visuals for the single began to surface and was featured on several top tier hip-hop webzines, such as The Smoking Section, in addition to live performance footage that was featured on The Fader, as part of their Vitamin Water Uncapped Live Series.

Towards the end of the year, Stretch connected with acclaimed G-Unit producer Nick Speed, whose produced for the likes of 50 Cent (“What If” as featured on the Get Rich or Die Tryin’ Soundtrack), Lloyd Banks, M.O.P. and Talib Kweli, in addition to several burgeoning Detroit emcees such as Phat Kat, Danny Brown (“Detroit 187” feat. Chip$ ) and DOPEHEAD (“Plaid Palm Trees” ).  Nick’s production style, coupled with Stretch’s confident flow sonically proved to be an ideal formula, and so the two embarked on crafting an entire album together titled 25 Miles Per Hour, to be released on April 24th, 2012 through Hot Lava Records.  The album campaign kicked off with the non album track “Thoughts In My Ashtray” , produced using the same Kool And The Gang “Summer Madness” sample used to create the classic DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince nostalgic anthem, “Summertime”.  The first official single however is the uplifting “Smile” , which will be promoted to mix-shows and college dj’s across the country, charted through the premeire trade journals Rap Attack Lives and Rap Network.

As Stretch gears up for the release of 25 Miles Per Hour, he remains both busy and focused already working on two follow-up LPs, one of which is a sequel to 25MPH and another featuring various producers.  As Stretch continues to create quality music, feed his fan base and continue to beat the odds, it’s only a matter of time for his fame to stretch, as his moniker suggests.