Location: Toronto
Label: EMI

Meet Aleesia…

Sometimes it really does happen! Children sing before they talk, and they dance before they walk… So, by the time she was a year old, her family knew that young ALEESIA was destined to become an entertainer.  Raised in the suburbs of Toronto, Canada (the youngest of 3 sisters), Aleesia started her formal training at age 4, when she started her first dance class.  Since this time, she has danced daily, sometimes for many grueling hours on end, perfecting her craft.  Studying ballet, modern, jazz, tap, contemporary, pointe… Aleesia is an accomplished, award-winning, dancer who has trained and competed throughout North America.  She has competed alongside many great talents, including Jeanine Mason (who went on to win America’s 2009 “So You Think You Can Dance” competition).

And then, there’s singing!  For Aleesia, singing comes from her heart, and soul.  She began singing and performing for the camera again at an early age, and by age nine, she was enrolled in private lessons for vocal training.  After working with a variety of coaches, specializing in different vocal techniques, she continues to train and nurture her instrument daily- whether it be while training, creating new songs, recording at the studio, or performing live.

At only 19 years of age, Aleesia is a young woman who knows what she wants; and what she wants is to live her passion… to sing, to dance, to write songs… to become the consummate entertainer.

Aleesia’s artistry and vocal abilities are immediately recognizable.  This talent, along with her endless energy, drive and determination, is what landed Aleesia on the radio charts with her first single, “Bubble Gum” in late 2009/early 2010. This pop, r&b flavoured single and video, received airplay on Top 40 radio in Canada, from coast to coast, and has since garnered her a steady stream of fans from around the globe (as evidenced through her YouTube hits, and her MySpace page).  Her second single and video, the pop/dance inspired, “Headlights, has just been released and was an immediate add on many radio stations and video stations in Canada.  The video for this song, was filmed on location in El Dorado Canyon, Nevada, an ‘old mining ghost town’, where the imagery lent itself as an amazing backdrop to this anthemic, back beat driven song that makes you want to sing-along and drive for hours on end!

Aleesia is a singular artist, who combines talent and skill with charisma, beauty, and passion. A quick wit is also on her side. Anyone who sees or hears her perform can see that Aleesia lives the dance, breathes the music, and sings from the heart.

A natural born entertainer, her devotion to singing, writing, and dancing is the essence of her soul. Performing is not Aleesia’s career, it’s her life, and it is undeniably her destiny!