Location: U.S./Switzerland
Label: StreetSavvy Records


Innovating and thought provoking are just two in a long list of traits that NEFEW (New Education from Every Word) possess. If you carry on down that list of adjectives you will find educated, experienced, understanding, inventive, proactive, dedicated and inspired, you get the picture?

Stamped with an American/Swiss postmark these two exchange students are modern day majors of Hip-Hop Culture. Infused with a melange of various musical sounds and inspired by rock, soul and pop, Polemikk and PA-Double are easily recognized as Switzerland’s number one urban music export.

Their eclectic fusion of catchy hooks, exceptional wordplay combined with a meticulous narrative has allowed the duo to enhance their position in Hip-Hop by performing at a variety of international festivals and opening for Hip-Hop icons such as Nas, De La Soul, Talib Kweli and Dead Prez.

Not adhering to the blueprint followed by many of their peers, Nefew were determined to encourage their own definitive sound at the earliest stage of recording. “If you were to ask Curtis Mayfield, Alicia Keys, Bill Conti and Ennio Morricone to produce a Hip-Hop record, they would probably come up with that typical Nefew sound,” explains Polemikk.

“It is definitely music that delivers a lot of emotion and depth,” he concludes, something that is easily apparent upon listening to tracks like Biko from their recent Homesick EP which sees them call up record- ing artist Consequence and Lenny Harold. “We hope people get inspiration from our music and maybe take new ideas on every day life and how they can improve it.”

It is hardly surprising that this unique approach concocted with an abundance of positivity and profession- alism caught the eye of sports apparel giant Puma.

Anointed Opinion Leaders for Urban Lifestyle by Puma International, Nefew are the first Hip-Hop act to be endorsed by the company, which sees them take a pivotal role in Puma’s re-launch back into the Urban Lifestyle field. This flourishing relationship has seen Puma back projects from the duo, including their recently released Homesick EP and their mixtape in conjunction with the premier Hip-Hop blog Their current project, the DJ Green Lantern hosted Man VS Many, also came with the Puma stamp of approval.

“Delivery, punch and dynamics are always on the top of our lyrical menu”, the duo state and with their music gracing some of the Hip-Hop world’s most poignant sites and storming up the US College Radio Charts with Biko it looks like Puma are not the only folks who recognize the potential that these guys exude.

On September 6th, 2011 NEFEW will breath new life into their previously released Man Vs. Many mixtape, by releasing a retail ready version equipped with three exclusive tracks that were not previously featured.  The project will include songs such as the single “Fade” featuring Liya, “The Fan” which is produced by and featuring Nottz, “Game” featuring Dwele, and “Live Life” featuring Tyler Woods.  The iTunes version will also be bundled with a video for “Fade”, which made its online premier courtesy of BET (click here to view).

With a bevy of material to their credit, the support of a global fan base and media paying close attention to the moves they make, it is inevitable that this multi-faceted combo are poised for immeasurable success.