Dysfunkshunal Familee
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Label: Narcata Records



 In 1994, a group named Dysfunkshunal Familee, consisting of members Crazy DJ Bazarro, DJ Skinny, AMAYSS & D Rock independently pressed up 500, 12-inch records for their song “New Ruff Flava” , produced by Crazy DJ Bazarro.  They gave Dan Smalls, an employee of Loud Records at the time, 200 pieces for radio promo.  “It was suppose to be a let’s see what will happen project” says Bazarro, the group’s frontman. Something did happen, a big write up in Gavin Magazine resulted in Bazarro’s phone ringing off the hook from nearly every independent & major label in the game.  In 1995, the group released a 12-inch for the remix of “New Ruff Flava” and just a year later, they released an EP, featuring Finsta Bundy.  Although Dysfunkshunal Familee never released a commerical album, they did make their first full length recording, The Un-Released Album available au-gratis, proving to be a dot com success.

Fast forward to 2007, where after the group seemed to have faded into obscurity, the video for “New Ruff Flava” resurfaced, generating a large enough buzz to gave the fellowship an opportunity to put out a full length album.  Finally, in 2010, after nearly a fifteen year hiatus, Dysfunkshunal Familee dropped their first full length retail album, Familee Reunion (Narcata Records).  When asked their artistic approach to making this record, Bazarro states: “I wanted the flava from the 94′ sound, but updated, with guest producers and features.  I didn’t want to produce the whole album, I wanted producers I like and their input… Amayss is a incredible MC and has a beautiful voice.  D-Rock is the rugged one who goes hard on every beat. We brought DJ Skinny on board for producing and DJing.  It’s a team effort. Da Dysfunkshunal Familee, the music speaks for itself.”  

The album boasts 17 tracks that features outside production credits from the likes of Da Beatminerz and 9th Wonder, in addition to guest features from Steele (Smif-N-Wessun), Jean Grae, O.C., Sadat X, Craig G, Finsta Bundy, 5FT (Black Moon), Poison Pen as well as extended family members Agony, Braindead, Diverse, Migraine and Rebel Rhyme.  The 9th Wonder produced single “Be A Star” , was very well received, where it was charted as the number three college radio hip-hop single in the country and  featured on several hip-hop lifestyles such as HipHopDX, 2DopeBoyz, BeatsBoxingMayhem, HipHopSite and more.  The follow-up single “Just Keep Holding” featuring extended family member Agony and Crooklyn Dodger #2 O.C. was very impacting, where it was embraced by the likes of DJBooth.net, KevinNottingham, GrandGood, BlackOutHipHop and charted as the number one college radio hip-hop single in the country.  The track, which deals maintaining despite the trials and tribulations of daily life is backed by production from J.King, and includes co-production credits from DJ Bazarro and DJ Wayne Ski.  To add more accolades to the list, Familee Reunion went on to earn an honorable mention on DJ Premiere’s, best of 2010 list.  As the dynamics of the industry have shape-shifted dramatically since the bygone era of the 90’s, the Dysfunkshunal Familee have managed to declare their relevance and uphold their legacy, proving that their reunion was right on time.