Cee One
Location: Freeport, NY
Label: Independent

“Opportunities multiply as they are seized.” – Sun Tzu


Such would be the quote that has guided Cee One thus far and has been working quite well.  The setting, Queens, NY, 1984.  Cee One was born from Haitian immigrant parents who utilized opportunities they’ve seized to help raise Cee to understand this saying better than they would ever imagine.  In 1989, they would move to Long Island with hopes of more opportunity than the inner city would offer.

Growing up, Cee gravitated towards the rise of socially conscious artists, many of which were from Long Island (Public Enemy, De La Soul).  As he soaked in pieces of many of his influences, Cee has become a child of Hip Hop culture.  By chance, Cee was enabled the opportunity to record songs and perform in 2000.  As many of his peers were joining local gangs, Cee found himself in creating music.  Surrounded by the pressures that young black men often sucumbe to, he used his environment as a motivation to speak on the things he’s seen.  Crime and poverty went hand in hand in many areas of Long Island, a place where if you’ve never been, you would think was one of the most peaceful places to live in the country.

In the summer of 2010, Cee released his debut mixtape “A Beautiful Mind” which received much acclaim from fans and critics alike. The mixtape included the hit single, “What’s The Word” which was a feature song used by The Core DJs to advertise their Bi-Annual Retreat.  The mixtape also generated another hit, “Tear The City Down” which was heating up in southeast clubs, on national radio, and was also featured on Jay Leno’s Late Show during late 2010. His sound is guided by musical influences such as Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, and Twista, citing longevity as his mission. Cee plans to release a new mixtape in the first quarter of  2012 titled, Thoughts Become Things in which two of the project’s leaks, “Incredible” and “Rose Colored Glasses” (prod. by The Olympicks) have been met with much online success, earning him featured placements on hip-hop lifestyle websites and blogs such as DJBooth.net, HipHopDX, HipHopGame and RapGenius.com among several others .

Performing nationwide, Cee One has performed various songs at venues througout the US. His live show is powerful, engaging, and energetic, his recordings are classic, and even the harshest of critics agree we have yet to see his best. As opportunities present themselves, Cee One will only continue to grow as an artist and entrepreneur.